The days are long, but the years are short...

You are the parent of a newborn for 28 days.
You are the parent of a baby for a year.
You are the parent of a toddler for 2 years.
​Our children grow and change every day, and one of my deepest joys is to give the tangible gift of photographs that can be revisited over and over for a lifetime and beyond. ​

Single Sessions

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+Captures your family at this moment in time
+Lasts between 1-2 hours 
+Indoor or Outdoor
+40-50 photos
+Personalized slideshow with music of your choice
+Includes a consultation and access to my client wardrobe! 

Family Story


What you get


+In person consultation
+On call availability from 37-42 weeks
+My presence from active labor to one hour after birth
+60-80 photos
+Personalized slideshow with music of your choice

Birth Story


What you get



+Maternity + Newborn+ 6 month + 1 Year
+Two full sessions (40-50 photos)
+Two mini sessions (10 photos)
+Personalized slideshow with music of your choice for full sessions
+1 hour postpartum support visit included

The Journey of Motherhood


What you get


+2 full sessions (Maternity + Baby)
+40-50 photos per session
+Access to client wardrobe & styling consultation 
+Personalized slideshow with music of your choice for each session

Womb to World


What you get


+Maternity session (40-50 photos)
+In person consultation
+On call availability from 37-42 weeks
+My presence from active labor to one hour after birth (60-80 birth photos)
+Baby or Family session (40-50 photos)

+Personalized slideshow with music of your choice for each session

Womb to World + Birth Story


What you get

Speciality Sessions

Being a doula and a photographer offers me the unique honor of photographing and holding space in some of the most tender and vulnerable times of a person's life.   As parents, we go through numerous transitions and transformations, and I believe that each one of these is incredibly meaningful and deserves to be commemorated  in a beautiful and respectful way. Below of some examples, but I am so happy to collaborate with you to document whatever season of life you are in right now.

Document your journey

Raw Postpartum

Empowerment Sessions

Keepsake Sessions for Grieving Parents

These sessions are exactly how they sound!  You and your family show up exactly as you are.   This time passes in the blink of an eye, and I want to capture all the little details of this tender time.  Our session would take place in the first couple days following your birth and is led by you and your baby.  

This time is dedicated to YOU! These sessions are about making space for yourself, and celebrating who you are right at this moment in time.  Jump into the lake, dance in the rain, run barefoot through the forest,  spin around on a mountain top like Julie Andrews and sing at the top of your lungs!  Get back in touch with your inner child and let yourself feel beautiful, powerful, and free.

Too many families have known the loss of a beloved child. I would be honored to photograph your baby at any stage of pregnancy, free of cost.

Last Days of Breastfeeding 

Rebirthing Session

If you feel like your days of breastfeeding are coming to a close, this session can commemorate the victories and difficulties of a challenging and beautiful time for you and your child.  Every mother faces this transition differently, and all feelings are welcome!  When this season of parenting begins to change and shift, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to take the time to say goodbye together.

Birth rarely goes exactly how we expect it to. Sometimes in birth, we have to let go of a lot of our own hopes and dreams due to circumstances out of our control. Nonetheless, this is a loss that we need to grieve and take time to process. Rebirthing sessions can provide the space for healing together and bonding with your baby after a traumatic or difficult birth.

Let's Make Magic Happen

Reach out to me


Send me a message and tell me how I can make your photoshoot dreams come true!  I believe every session is an artistic collaboration, so the more I know about you, the more I can tell your story authentically.


Let's Chat

During our chat, I love to hear about your family and your hopes for a location.  I also ask about personal style, so I can make sure that your family feels comfortable and also looks great in front of the camera.

Set a date!

We discuss date options, and pencil in our choice! During the next weeks, we stay in touch and I make sure you feel at ease about styling and getting to your location.

The Big Day

I aim to cultivate a relaxed and fun space where everyone can be themselves!  There is no "bad behavior" as far as I'm concerned.  Let kids be kids!  I love capturing your family exactly as you are. These days will be the ones you'll want to remember.

Photography with HEART

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