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My name is Leigh, &
I am a photographer and doula

Although my work in each of these roles calls upon different strengths and skill sets, the tools I have cultivated as a doula are immensely helpful and important as a photographer. Being a doula developed a deep sense of compassion, intuition, and empathy that I bring to each and every photography session. 
All the little experiences and interactions can get blurry and feel far away after the haze of postpartum, and one of my deepest joys is to gift families the tangible memories of photographs that can be felt and revisited over and over for a lifetime and beyond. My hope is that you would feel truly seen and supported through the incredible transition of pregnancy and birth, and have someone walk with you every step of the way.

As both a photographer and doula, it is my passion to help parents feel supported and confident while welcoming new members of their family. The word doula, coming from the Greek word “to serve” has inspired so much of what I hope to gift people through my work.   Even before I became a mother myself, I was drawn to supporting families. 
​After studying Human Development and Family Studies in North Carolina, I moved to Germany to be an au pair.  A year later, I attended a doula course called “Developing Doulas” in the UK and continued to learn and grow in this role even as I welcomed my own three children at home under the wonderful care of a midwife.  After the birth of my second child, I started picking up my camera more in order to capture all the beautiful, fleeting moments of our family. The more I documented my family’s memories through photography (follow my family story here), the more I wanted to give other families that treasure as well. Not just quick snapshots, but beautiful and artistic photographs that authentically capture the relationships and connections at the time. 



Chai Tea



Wholehearted Faith



An artist's eye, a mother's love,
a doula's heart


morning tea


late night dancing

dinner in

dinner out


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